Development of ScheldeMonitor

In 2004, ScheldeMonitor has gone online as information system for research and monitoring in the Scheldt estuary. In addition to providing access to information, there has also been a focus on data and products related to the Scheldt estuary from 2010 onwards. Since 2014, a fifth phase has started. This phase includes new developments to the data portal of ScheldeMonitor, the O&M archive and the opening up and redistribution of data and data products. Through this vision, ScheldeMonitor envisions a better support for the Working Group Research and Monitoring and the MONEOS Monitoring Program.

Vision of ScheldeMonitor


  • 2003:   Start of the ScheldeMonitor project
  • 2004:   ScheldeMonitor goes online
  • 2004:   First fase of the information system
  • 2004:   Second fase of the information system
  • 2007:   Third fase of the information system
  • 2008:   Strong growth of the ScheldeMonitor information system
  • 2009:   Development of the ScheldeMonitor data portal
  • 2010:   ScheldeMonitor becomes portal for information, data and indicators on the Scheldt Estuary
  • 2011:   Fourth fase of the information system: data portal used in support for the MONEOS monitoring program
  • 2014:   Fifth fase of the information system: development of a new portal interface
  • 2016:   Launch of new Download Toolbox
  • 2016:   Launch of new O&M Data Archive
  • 2017:   Launch of new Geoviewer
  • 2018:   Launch of new Side-by-side viewer for historical maps
  • 2019:   Installation of RShiny server for ScheldeMonitor
  • 2020:   New functionalities for the Download Toolbox
  • 2020:   New ScheldeMonitor-website